Time to get amped.

Supports iOS 14.0-14.3.



Released Jul 17, 2022


Released Jul 4, 2022


Released Jul 4, 2022

  • Adds support for taurine-permanent, to be able to access Taurine even while unjailbroken without needing to sign the application.
  • Backports Swift patchfinder from <currently unnamed iOS 15 jailbreak>.
  • Backports IMG4 parser from <currently unnamed iOS 15 jailbreak> (removes img4tool and fixes Windows Defender false positive).
  • Adds support for iOS 15 DER entitlements to jailbreakd.
  • Adds support for iOS 15.1 Hash Agility to jailbreakd.

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Released Mar 20, 2022


Released Feb 18, 2022


Released Sep 4, 2021


Released Aug 25, 2021

  • Adds a patch to fix the boot loop issue in stock iOS (the /var corruption that previously would require users to wait for the next BSOD to use startup repair)
  • Adds battery level indicator to recovery UI
  • Increases AMFI timeout so there’s less BSODs on older/slower devices
  • Adds support for custom in-app themes

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Released Aug 19, 2021

  • Includes new recovery utilities, including Startup Repair
    • Startup Repair will fix any bootloop issues caused by a file being corrupted during userspace reboot
    • Recovery menu can be manually activated by adding a file named /.libhooker_recovery to your root folder and then initiated via a userspace reboot

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Released Jun 6, 2021

  • Fixes BSOD looping issues on devices with 2 GB RAM (e.g. A9 or A10)
  • Fixes memory spiking issues when loading certain large apps (now only uses 20 KB of RAM whereas 1.0.5 RC could spike temporarily up to ~400 - 500 MB depending on the size of the app)
  • Improves performance and reliability in low memory situations

NOTE: Use with Libhooker 1.6.2 or newer for best results.

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Released Jun 6, 2021

  • Applies a fix for amfid panics so that it should happen less often
  • BSODs dump info about the BSOD to /.last_bsod
  • Creating /.verbose_bsod will show a verbose BSOD instead
  • SpringBoard alert when tweaks are disabled (either in case of a BSOD or when they’re disabled manually)

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Released Apr 15, 2021


Released Apr 9, 2021


Released Apr 6, 2021


Released Apr 4, 2021


Released Apr 1, 2021

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